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Michelle Luckes

If you are interested in learning more about the project or supporting me directly, please send me an email.

I look forward to speaking with you

FBR's Core Mission & The Information Project 

1. To inspire, train, and equip people in conflict zones to bring positive change through acts of love and service.


The FBR application will allow ranger teams to report and document their relief efforts, relationships, and capacity building in their local communities. At the headquarters level, all reported training activities from the ethnic relief teams will be curated and analyzed. This analysis will help HQ operations to understand community needs, training requests, and knowledge gaps. 

The Information Team

The FBR Information Team’s goal is to support FBR’s core mission through the implementation of technological solutions, data curation, and analytics.  


The FBR Information team is developing a core database, field application, and the logistical means and mechanisms for tracking ranger relief activity in the field, capturing conflict data, human rights abuses, and mapping relationships.  The information team will provide data curation and analysis to support the teams in the field and get the news out.


The FBR Application will allow for quick communication between teams operating on the ground, FBR Headquarters, and the international community interested in supporting their mission.
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